On Call Staff Solutions

We know that the running a medical practice takes team work. What happens if a support team player is unable to come in for longer than you expected. Your staff is going to be overworked, patient calls may not get answered. The patients visiting the office may feel that things are not in order. Eliminate all of this by calling on our Medical On Call Staffing Service.

We will provided knowledgeable and experience medical administrators to help support your office when it needs it most. Your font desk will be under control when you call us. Whether is just for half a day for a few weeks. We will be there so that your business can run smoothly.

if your accounts person has quit or had an unexpected leave of absense  we can send in our billing staff to continue processing your claims so your money continues to flow in until you get a replacement. Or we can manage that for you through our Medical Billing Service. We can help.

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